Remove Image Metadata To Increase Page Load Speed

Besides other reasons you may have for removing image metadata, it can also increase your page load speed.

Images are one of the main factors that affect how fast your website loads. In other words, how long it takes for a page on your website to show after a visitor clicks on it. According to studies, people’s patience levels are quite low which can lead to quick exits. Continue reading

Open Link In A New Tab

When people click an external link on your site, there are two choices. Either the link will open in the same tab, or the link will open in a new tab.

If the link opens in the same tab this is adversely affecting your site in two ways; by visitors leaving your site and by increasing your bounce rate. Continue reading

Moving from Blogger to WordPress, Part 2

WordPress.orgAs noted in the last post, I do think it’s better to have a self-hosted blog on WordPress than use a free site. I think it’s better to start that way.

But, if you haven’t started that way, there are going to be issues moving from Blogger to WordPress. You can easily import your posts and comments from Blogger. You can use the default theme in WordPress, or change it easily. Carrying on in WordPress with new posts is straightforward. Continue reading